Cutting-edge technology

Prolight is poised to deliver the most innovative and best-in-class POC systems on the market

Prolight is well-positioned to deliver POC systems to satisfy a number of clinical unmet needs. These include high sensitivity troponin, other biomarkers currently not available at POC and multiplex assays for measuring several analytes simultaneously.

A new ground-breaking POC technology for digital immunoassay

Through the acquisition of Psyros, Prolight now has an entirely novel cutting-edge POC technology for digital immunoassay, which can count individual molecules from a single drop of blood. The unique technology opens up the possibility of developing new POC tests in a wide range of clinical areas that were previously only possible in specialised laboratories. Further advantages of the digital immunoassay include its simplicity and low production costs.


  • The Psyros technology enables single molecule counting in a very simple format.
  • Each binding event is visualised using a photoactivated reporter antibody.
  • After photoactivation, permanent dark spots are bleached into the fluorescent sensor.
  • Each dark spot represents a single binding event (for example 1 single troponin protein molecule).
  • An algorithm then converts the spot count into the analyte concentration.

Detection limit at the level of PCR tests, but with significantly faster response time

Today, PCR tests are recommended to confirm Covid, but the response time is lengthy, sometimes several hours to days, depending on the system. By using our digital assay technology, it is possible to count individual molecules at low levels, including viral particle proteins, such as coronavirus. As a result, sensitivity and accuracy can be as good or better than PCR tests currently offered on large central laboratory instruments. The large and highly significant difference between today’s PCR tests and Prolight’s innovative digital POC platform is that the response time can be reduced to just ten minutes or less.

May be the start of a paradigm shift in POC testing

This novel technology could mark the beginning of a paradigm shift in POC testing for clinical diagnostics. The unique technology behind the digital immunoassay will make it possible to test a range of biomarkers with high sensitivity and accuracy on a single POC instrument. Prolight believes that this technology could be the future of POC testing.

Some examples of possible future clinical areas are:

  • Neuropathology (dementia, traumatic brain injuries)
  • Immune system dysfunction (sepsis, autoimmune diseases)
  • Rapid virus detection such as Covid