Prolight has a strong patent portfolio

- The patent situation for the digital immunoassay, Psyros™

For the digital immunoassay, PsyrosTM, five patent applications are filed. The first two applications have completed the PCT phase and are now being pursued in different territories worldwide. The third application is in the PCT phase. The fourth application covers various aspects of multiplexing (i.e., detecting several different biomarkers at the same time on a single sample). By using Prolight’s unique single molecule counting technology, multiplexing can be carried out in a single drop of blood on a sensor without needing to split the sample into separate areas.

The fifth application uses a similar approach to allow the measurement of the same biomarker at both very low and very high concentrations simultaneously. The benefit of the unique technology is that the sample size remains extremely small, and that the sensor is easy to manufacture, yet also offering the ability to detect very low concentrations of biomarkers with high specificity. The last two patent applications have been submitted to the Intellectual Property Office in Great Britain and will enter the PCT phase in 2024.

- The patent situation for MicroFlex

For MicroFlex, the patent portfolio consists of four granted patents (two in the US, one in the EU, and one in Sweden), along with four patent applications, the latest of which was filed in 2020. One of the patent applications concerns how the sampling tube can be directly integrated into the cartridge.


Another patent application concerns cartridge containing an integrated centrifuge. This makes for a straightforward workflow for any clinical environment. No trained personnel are needed to pipette and centrifuge the blood sample. MicroFlex thereby creates the conditions to offer a fully automated platform for immunodiagnostics. Two of the patent applications have progressed to the national phase and are now being pursued in different territories, while the others are in the PCT phase.