The POC system MicroFlex is developed in partnership with The Technology Partnership (TTP). The platform combines the well-proven ELISA technology into a microformat with the Flex Membrane-technology, developed by TTP. The combination of these two technologies, MicroFlex, has the potential to achieve equivalent test performance as hospital laboratories, in a format which make it suitable for distributed diagnostic testing.

In November 2022 Prolight signed a commercialisation agreement for its proprietary point-of-care (POC) platform MicroFlex with The Technology Partnership plc (TTP). Under the agreement, TTP will pursue further development and ongoing external initiatives and discussions with the aim of securing an industrial partner for PLD MicroFlex. Prolight Diagnostics will benefit under the commercialisation agreement as future revenues are generated.

MicroFlex technology makes it possible to perform an ELISA test with a small disposable cartridge, which means a faster and easier alternative to measuring substances in blood compared to performing the analysis with a microtiter plate. The cartridge is pre-prepared with the reagents needed to measure the concentration of the substance sought in the blood directly from a standard vacuum tube (primary sampling tube). The small format and the convenient, simple user workflow make the principle well suited for POC (Point-Of-Care) testing. Read more about the latest development innovation which include a novel environmental cartridge (ecoFlex) here.

Product in development phase. Design and specification may change in the final product.