Prolight Diagnostics showcases breakthrough POC technology at the AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo

Prolight Diagnostics (“Prolight”) announced today that it will showcase the company’s digital single molecule counting Point-of-Care (POC) system, with high-sensitive troponin capabilities, at the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC) Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo in Anaheim, CA, July 23–27.

“For the first time we will showcase a concept of our point-of-care (POC) system, developed for near patient testing. Based on our novel POC technology for digital immunoassay (single molecule counting) we anticipate considerable interest. The AACC meeting is regarded as one of the world’s most important diagnostic congresses and we are very proud to be able to show our system concept based on our ongoing instrument development program with ITL (Integrated Technologies Limited)” says Ulf Bladin, CEO of Prolight Diagnostics.
Prolight recently communicated that the company has demonstrated proof-of-performance on its single molecule detection system for the quantitation of the protein troponin in the single digit ng/L range. These results pave the way for early detection and rule-out of heart attack, which could reduce healthcare costs and improve the quality of life for hundreds of thousands of patients.
The new ground-breaking technology also opens up the possibility of developing new POC tests in a wide range of clinical areas that were previously only available in specialized laboratories. The cutting-edge technology behind the digital immunoassay makes it possible to test a range of biomarkers with high sensitivity and accuracy on the same POC instrument in near patient settings. Furthermore, the built-in multiplex capability allows for the combination of biomarkers for disease-specific panels from a single drop of blood.
This may lead to a paradigm shift for near patient testing and could ultimately lead to major health economic benefits.