Prolight on track for clinical performance studies

Prolight Diagnostics, developer of the digital point-of-care platform Psyros, announces today that their latest data for troponin in whole blood confirm that the company is now ready to initiate trials with patient samples.

The latest data were generated in whole blood samples on the final commercial cartridge design, which now includes internal cartridge quality controls to ensure robust performance. Moreover, these data are consistent with the demanding requirements of single-point rule-out and measurement of delta values for risk stratification in patients presenting with the symptoms of myocardial infarction.

Supported by this data, Prolight is now ready to initiate studies on banked clinical samples, and fresh clinical samples in UK hospitals, in preparation for the clinical performance study early 2025.

“Being able to measure down to low single-digit ng/L troponin concentrations is critical in order to deliver the best clinical outcomes for patients. We are now looking forward to the next stages of confirming clinical performance with larger numbers of patient samples, and we are certain that this data will continue to attract interest from potential global industrial partners” said Ulf Bladin, CEO of Prolight.